Attention all spirit and liquor drinkers
who want to live longer, look younger, and banish stubborn belly fat once and for all—WITHOUT giving up your favorite drinks OR sacrificing your social life...

The #1 WORST Liquor For Your Belly Fat
(and the BEST!)

If you're a liquor drinker I have some good news... and some BAD news.

The good news?

You can still drink your favorite mixed drinks and spirits week after week, without harming your body or storing ugly belly fat.

The bad news?

Unless you know how to do it RIGHT, you could age your skin faster, damage your brain, harm your metabolism, and ruin your libido—ALL while gaining ugly belly fat.

But first, it all starts with knowing which liquors are the WORST for your metabolism and belly fat... vs. which liquors are the BEST.

Almost everybody knows that many popular mixed drinks can be a fat storing disaster.

For example: Margaritas (~400 calories), Long Island Iced Tea (~425 calories), White Russian (~500 calories), Irish Coffee (~300 calories), Pina Colada (~600 calories!), Mai tai (~350 calories), Daiquiris (~450 calories)

Make sure you AVOID these drinks, or at the very least drink them sparingly.

Now let's take a look at the BEST liquors to drink.

Remember, the key is moderation because too much alcohol intake converts your favorite foods to belly fat and stops weight loss dead in its tracks... unless you understand the 16/8 Drinker's Dieting Protocol found on the Next Page.

TOP Liquors to AVOID (and the TOP Liquors to Drink)
for a Flatter Belly and Faster Weight Loss

Liquor Type Serving Size Calories Bad  Good Best
Amaretto 1.5 oz 110    
Brandy 1 oz 64    
Curacao 1.5 oz 95  
Gin 1 oz 64    
Irish Cream 1.5 oz 121  
Liqueurs 1.5 oz 107    
Rum 1 oz 64  
Schnapps 1.5 oz 100    
Scotch 1.5 oz 70    
Vermouth 1 oz 64    
Vodka 1 oz 64  
Whiskey 1 oz 64    

As you can see drinking spirits such as rum, gin, vodka, whiskey, brandy, and vermouth are your best choices because they basically contain ZERO carbs, so they have nothing left but the alcohol, which makes them a diet-friendly option.

Not to mention, a 1oz shot will only set you back about 64 calories.

Although drinking the right liquors is a great start, whenever you drink them at the wrong times, or with the wrong foods, it's impossible for you to lose ugly belly fat—or reap any of liquors unusual benefits.

Fortunately there's a super simple solution found on the next page you can follow on a daily basis called The 16/8 Drinker's Diet Protocol, which makes it possible for you to completely REVERSE and BLOCK all the harmful, weight-gaining effects of drinking your favorite liquors and mixed drinks the wrong way.

Yes, you heard that correctly!  You CAN drink your favorite kinds of cocktails (even the liquors listed in the BAD column above) week after week,  while improving your lifespan, reducing your risk for disease, and losing the unwanted weight lingering around your belly...

But only if you do it strategically.

You'll also discover how you can use The 16/8 Drinker's Diet Protocol to live longer, look younger, and banish stubborn belly fat once and for all—
WITHOUT giving up your favorite drinks OR sacrificing your social life…